Time is wild and hard to tame. A man named Enki grows old and comes to see his life as too short and the passing of life's beauty as a tragedy. The paradoxes of decisions and the conflicts of life seem only possible to overcome given an infinite existence. In a mortal life, many mistakes may be made that one never gets to fix and many regrets stored that one never gets to work through. As his time runs out, Enki attempts to transcend mortality.

Enki runs an orphanage and every generation the care of the orphans is passed through his family bloodline from child to grandchild and beyond. Enki decides to try to gift immortality to special children at the orphanage. With the alchemical transformation, the chosen orphans do become immortal but they also become cannibals with the organs that they devour repairing their own. With caretakers to bring them food, the immortals are never told of their curse and they live happily in an isolated playground cell sheltered from the hardships of life.