From one perspective, clumsy, from another, carefree,
Felita is quite amiable and easy to get along with
but at the same time often out of touch with
the realities of the others. She was born in a forest
and brought to the orphanage as a four-year old,
at which point she was immediately chosen for
the immortal group. Being raised by animals
differentiates her quite severely from the others.
Upon leaving the cell, she flourishes in her
new natural surroundings and has a special
ability to confront and collaborate with animals.
Within the group though, she is disorganized, slow,
both in arriving at understandings, and getting things
accomplished, has a short attention span, losing
track of what’s going on in any long scenario. She
even, at times, hallucinates, sometimes seeing and
interacting with Calva’s imaginary friends.